The first time I stood in front of the Great Pyramid at Giza I met a man who saw my awe. This is what he said.


See your life as a pyramid and each block a different person, place or experience you’ve collected. The more you gather in a lifetime, the greater the pyramid will be at the end of it.

I took his words to heart and during my private access to the inside of the Great Pyramid, I didn’t “tour” the sarcophagus chamber at the center, I climbed in to see what it was like to be Pharoah.

It wasn’t easy talking my way out of it with the guards but it certainly opened a dialogue. The thrill, the connection and the story I had to tell was unparalleled.

I never looked back.

Dig in deep to a destination and explore all it has to offer. Experience anything that will reveal an understanding of what that place is about.  [/one_half] [one_half last=last]Fierce Traveler Encounters The Pyramids [/one_half]

Here are my go-to areas of interest that connect us to the destinationa and it’s people. If it’s a great trip doing all six of these is like Trivial Pursuit: Winner gets all six and a total sense of place.


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Travel as a lifestyle.